Akiyama Makuro
Akiyama Makuro
Biographical Information
GroupHero Factory Founder
ColorsOlive, Silver, Bronze
LocationMakuhero City

Akiyama Makuro is the founder of Hero Factory.



Mr. Makuro is the oldest known robot on record and founder of Hero Factory.[1] Upon realizing that a force of good was needed to combat the ever-present evil in the galaxy drove the robot to build this organization. He is an inspiration to all of the employees at the Hero Factory, and is also the only being with clearance to access the Quaza Stone chamber which is used in the development of the Hero Cores.

Hero 2.0Edit

Makuro recently made an announcement at a press conference revealing the Hero 2.0s. He explained that the Heroes would have enhanced strength and agility, along with amazing flexibility and hypersensitive senses. The existing Heroes would be retrofitted with the new system over the coming months once it was deemed safe.


Letter from Our FounderEdit

It is with great pride that I invite you to become a part of HERO FACTORY. It is my belief that your courage, imagination, and creativity will make you a valuable asset to our fight for justice.

Many years ago, I realized that with so much evil at large in the universe, a greater force for good was needed to combat it. With that in mind, I created HERO FACTORY. Today, this organization continues to thrive, dedicated to the preservation of peace and the enforcement of galactic law.

The heroes created here may be made of metal and powered by Hero Cores, but their bravery and skill are second to none. Regardless of the danger, they go forth to do battle with the villains that would bring destruction to innocent worlds. They are the last barrier that stands between the universe and the chaos that threatens to engulf it.

Yet even great heroes like Stormer, or skilled rookies like Furno, cannot do it alone. That is why we need people like you to help. The knowledge you have and the secrets you discover could be the difference between victory and defeat in the fight against villains like Von Nebula.
I look forward to welcoming you as part of the HERO FACTORY team!

Sincerely, Akiyama Makuro, Chairman

Announcement about Hero 2.0Edit

The founder of Hero Factory, Mr. Makuro, made an exciting announcement today.

"My friends, thank you all for coming. I am here to announce the most important innovation in Hero Factory history... the upgrade," he told reporters at a standing-room-only press conference.

Two new Heroes were unveiled during Mr. Makuro's speech: Nex 2.0 and Evo 2.0. Their new build has enhanced strength and agility, along with amazing flexibility and hypersensitive senses. Existing Heroes will be retrofitted with the new system over the coming months, as soon as it's safe, said Mr. Makuro.

"It's less complex to build new Heroes with the new framework than to upgrade those in the field," he said. "That includes training. For now, the current crop of Heroes are keeping the galaxy safe just fine."

Hero Recon TeamEdit

On the Hero Factory website there is a section dedicated to Hero Recon Team. It was revealed in a hidden message on the site that Makuro organized the Hero Recon Team in the earliest years of Hero Factory. He appointed exceptional hero Merrick Fortis to lead and help create this organization. Before the site opens to the public, a message by Quadal has been left as follows:

Posted 01.02.2011

By: Quadal

Hero Recon Team was formed shortly after the creation of Hero Factory. The founder, Mr. Makuro, realized that the organization needed to understand the evils that exist in the galaxy if it was successfully to maintain peace and prosperity. Mr. Makuro signed one of Hero Factory's top heroes Merrik Fortis to help form and lead this new intelligence division. Fortis set up headquarters in a secret location in Makuhero City, and set about recruiting the best and brightest heroes to gather intelligence for Hero Factory.



  • He is voiced by Malcolm McDowell in the TV show
  • Mr. Makuro's name is similar to the city he lives in known as Makuhero City. It can be assumed from this that the town named itself after him due to his work in Hero Factory.
  • Makuro, though seen in the Hero Factory TV Show has not yet been included in the comics.