Black Hole Orb Staff
Black Hole Orb Staff
Tool/Weapon Information
FunctionCreates Black Holes/Melee
User(s)Von Nebula
StatusStill in use

The Black Hole Orb Staff is Wanted Criminal Von Nebula's choice of Gadget.

Official BioEdit

Hero Factory weapons analysts are still trying to determine exactly what this device does. Based on what little video has been obtained by Hero Factory, it appears the villain known as Von Nebula uses this orb staff to generate a black hole, which sucks in everything nearby.


The central orb contains some sort of energized, swirling gas, and maybe some type of liquid as well. Scans indicate it is very dense, especially since Furno and Stormer were able to climb the inside of a 'black hole.' Interestingly enough, Von Nebula must have considerable amount of control over black holes due to this staff as he was able to take away the heroes' weapons with this device yet not make the vortex strong enough to actually suck in the heroes as well. Thankfully, Stringer came up with the code word Hero Link and no one was taken away by the black hole as a result. One grainy video, acquired by a brave Hero who chased Von Nebula, displayed a swirling black hole flowing out of the orb and causing huge gravitational disruptions.


Bugkiller 9000, kills all insects even on a planet full of robots


Set InformationEdit

The Black Hole Orb Staff is found in the set 7145: Von Nebula.