Da Bomber is the fourth mission given to you by Zib on the game Mission: Von Nebula. The boss is X-Plode.


"Leave now Hero! Go back to the Hero Factory 'nursery' before I destroy you! Minions eliminate him!", is the "greeting" X-Plode gives you when you arrive

First the 'gift' that X-Plode gives you is a wave of 3 fighter bots for the first wave, for the second wave 2 fighter bots and a shooter bot, for the third wave 3 more fighter bots and when you finish them... AREA CLEARED!. Mission Da Bomber, Second area. This first wave consists of of 2 fighter bots and a shooter bot, then, 2 more fighter bots and another shooter bot, then 1 red bot, 1 healer bot, and 3 fighter bots, the fourth wave is the same (1 red bot, 3 fighter bots, 1 healer bots), and then, you enter to the next area in which you are attacked by 3 fighter bots (this is becoming repetitive), then a shooter bot and 2 fighter bots (see what I am talking about?), after that 2 shooter bots and 3 fighter ones, and (at last) X-Plode. After you beat him (if you can) 'Mission Success' and you return to mission control


  • 1 X-Plode (Phew!)
  • 26 Fighter bots
  • 6 Shooter bots
  • 2 Red bots
  • 2 Healer bots


Mission: Von Nebula Missions(v|e)

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