Dual Fire Shooter
Dual Fire Shooter
Tool/Weapon Information
User(s)William Furno
StatusOut of Action

The Dual Fire Shooter was William Furno's choice of weapon, he has since given it up upon becoming a Hero 2.0, he adopted a Multi-Tool Ice Shield.


Furno using Dual Fire Shooter

William Furno uses the Dual Fire Shooter in the Hero Factory TV Show

Showy but effective, the Fire Shooter heats plasma into coils of energy that can be aimed precisely within a 20-meter radius. Pairing them up in one hand more than doubles the energy output, and is effective in stunning criminals or burning into a locked building. Alternately, the fire shooters can be used in both hands to combat multiple opponents.

Fire shooters pack a huge punch, but only for a short time; they need to be re-energized quickly, or their fusion batteries run out, leaving the Hero with no projectile defense. Even powered off, the hardened vanadium/cobalt blades are intimidating enough to make a bad guy shiver in their armor.

Example usage Edit

  • William Furno threw the Duel Fire Shooter at Rotors propellers to prevent him from escaping in Trials of Furno.


Set InformationEdit

  • The Dual Fire Shooter is included in the William Furno set. Set number 7167.
  • It is also used in the Fire Lord Set, but it is renamed Lava Blaster.