Energized Dual Boomerang
Energized Dual Boomerang
Tool/Weapon Information
User(s)Natalie Breez
StatusOut of Action

The Energized Dual Boomerang was Rookie Natalie Breez's Gadget of choice. Since becoming a Hero 2.0, she has adopted Multi-Tool Blades.


Energized boomerangs, as used by Rookie Hero Natalie Breez, are standard-issue gadgets based on the Flying Neutron Grade (FLYNG) class of Hero armaments. Powered by encapsulated xenium, they have the ability to be flung through air or vacuum by the great strength of a Hero. Tracking sensors home in on the nearest target, and the molecule-thick blade edge can cut through anything short of neutronium. Once it has sliced its target, onboard thrusters propel the boomerang back to the waiting Hero for immediate re-use or re-energization.

If a boomerang is lost, safety measures kick in, dulling the blade and shutting off the built-in circuitry. The Energized boomerangs are extremely effective in the hands of an expert, and villains have been known to surrender at the mere sight of a boomerang’s glow.



The Energized Dual Boomerang is a part of set 7165: Natalie Breez.