Penitentiary 1331
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Episode NameCore Crisis
Air DateSeptember 11th, 2010
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HF002, also known as Core Crisis, is the second Episode in the Hero Factory TV Show. It premiered September 11th, 2010.


Penitentiary 1331

Technically it isn't a prison planetoid as that would be impossible.

The Episode starts on Makuhero City in the Hero Factory. Zib asks Quadal if all of the security measures are in place. The two are then interrupted by Stormer and Furno. Stormer asks if he can get back to his team, Zib ignores him and gives his congratulations to Furno for catching Rotor. Furno thanks him, and is then scanned by Quadal. Zib accesses the scan and tells Furno that the last battle drained his core and that he should return back to the Quaza Chamber for recharging. Furno then leaves to the chamber. Quadal tries to scan Stormer but the Alpha Team leader doesn't let him. They then get a transmission from Bulk, he tells the leader they have finished cleaning up on Lemus 2 and tells Zib that the new security measures are in place. Bulk tells Stormer they're ready to head back. Zib then gets a emergency call and tells Bulk to answer the alert. Stormer asks if they could send another team as they have rookies with them but Zib tells Stormer that it's a Code 4 (innocent civilians in trouble). Stormer says he'll launch a Hero Pod but Zib tells him hat he can't go until his core is charged. Zib also tells Stormer that he can't go until Furno returns from the Quaza Chamber and that Bulk and Stringer are two of the Factory's finest Heroes and that they'll be fine. Stormer tells Zib that he has a bad feeling in his core and that the last time he felt like that was before the Von Ness Mission.

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He hops like a bunny and has car keys, what's not to love?

The Heroes arrive on Tantalus V, Penitentiary 1331. Back at Hero Factory, Stormer remarks that they are going to help criminals, but Zib reveals that it is still under construction. While this is happening, Surge calls Stormer and tells him tat Breez is flying all of the workers out at the present time, some were injured so she was taking them to the nearest Medibot station. Surge told Stormer he had to get back to Stringer and Bulk, but he was fired at by Corroder. It turned out that Bulk and Stringer were already in battle with the Henchbot. Surge fell into Corroder's trap as he ran under some construction work. Bulk saved Surge but at the price that he was caught. Stringer held Corroder's fire away from Bulk so that Surge could report back to Stormer. The two couldn't lift the debris.

Core Crisis Cover

Greg Farshtey wrote the comic, enough said.

Major EventsEdit

  • Corroder escapes.
  • Furno is able to prove his strategic skills to Stormer.
  • The concept of the Hero Cell is introduced.