Hero Cuffs
Tool/Weapon Information
FunctionTo restrain
StatusIn use
"See how you like our power-draining Hero-Cuffs."
William Furno after defeating Rotor in Comic 1: Trials of Furno.

Hero-Cuffs are tools used by the Heroes to restrain villains while they transport them to a prison cell. It drains the built-in weapons of the captor so that they cannot attack nor move their arms. The hero cuffs are now upgraded. You can throw the cuffs and it will cuff automaticly. The new cuffs are made of the strongest metal that you can't break out.


Draining Cuffs used on the infected Chief Drax


The Cuffs drain the power of those wearing them.


  • Hero Cuffs are similar to the Stasis Cuffs in the Transformers universe except those prevent a robot from moving entirely.
  • As far as we've seen in the movies there hasn't been any mention of using ordinary cuffs, so the Hero-Draining Cuffs could be a standard tool for heroes.