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Welcome to the Hero Factory Reviews Wiki (HFRW). I hope you like the new look. Its good to have you here but before you edit remember to log in so we know it was you who made the edit. If you wish to browse this wiki you don't have to log in. All of our Information is officially sourced so you can trust us to bring you excellent Hero Factory Information. The set Reviews here are only to be made if you own the sets or a friend you knows has one so you have the ability to give a detailed, correct description. If you have any Questions Email one of The Admins on this Wiki.

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  • KingDonfin : Welcome to the Hero Factory Reviews Wiki, it's great to have you here. Now that we have entered the third year of Hero Factory, we can expect to see more information on pages, and that is exciting. I would like to remind you to please not upload any irrelevant pictures and to watch your spelling and grammer on pages. Since we are approaching the Christmas time, I expect activity will be low, but please make reviews on all of the sets you have been given for Christmas! We're almost fully up to date but we have some red links so go here for all the pages that need to be made. 2012 Breakout has begun, so please watch your edits and ensure they are up to a good standard. Thanks!


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2011 is the second year of Hero Factory. It will offer two groups of sets, the first being released in winter 2010, the second in summer 2011. The first wave consists of four Villain's belonging to the Fire Lord's gang and the Hero 2.0s while the second wave consists of the Witch Doctor's creatures with himself and the Hero 3.0.

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