Lightning Shooter and Shield
Lightning Shooter
Tool/Weapon Information
User(s)Mark Surge
StatusOut of Action

The Lightning Shooter/Shield was Rookie Mark Surge's Gadget of choice. Upon becoming a Hero 2.0, he adopted an Ice Spear Blaster and later adopted an upgraded version of the Lightning Shooter, the Electricity Shooter.


When this gadget glows, stand back! The electrical fury of the Lightning shooter lances out at multiple targets each time it’s fired. High-voltage arcs of pure energy flow from the complex yet beautiful apparatus, and although the lightning bolts may look random, they can be aimed with extreme accuracy by talented Heroes. An insulated handle protects the Hero from energy feedback, ensuring the full force of the shooter’s fury is unleashed at their opponent.

When it’s not being fired, the lightning power can be harnessed into a small shield that protects the Hero from energy blasts. The shield lasts only a short time, but is powerful enough to stop even the most powerful energy weapon. Some metal projectile weapons are melted when passing through the shield, but non-metallic projectiles like wooden arrows or darts will pass right through the shield.

Example usageEdit

  • Mark Surge used it to electricfy boxes of explosions to prevent Xplode containing it.



The Lightning Shooter/Shield is used in set 7169: Mark Surge.