The Hero Factory TV Series List!

HF001, The Trials of Furno!

Title One - Aired September 4th, 2010!
- When a mission to protect a load of C-4000 explosives goes horribly wrong, who else could be behind it but the Wanted Villains, Rotor and XPlode?

HF002, Core Crisis!

Title Two - Aired September 11th, 2010
- A Prison-to-be has been attacked by wanted criminal Corroder, but he's not going to go down without a fight.

HF003, The Enemy Within!

Title Three - Aired September 18th, 2010
- Wanted criminal Meltdown has infected Alpha Team leader Preston Stormer. Now he's become an Enemy of the Hero Factory. Can the heroes heal him?

HF004, Von Nebula!

Title Four - Aired September 25th, 2010
- Von Nebula has returned to New Stellac City to strike revenge to the core of Preston Stormer!

HF005, Ordeal of Fire!

Ordeal of Fire Title - Aired April 10, 2011
- Several months after the defeat of Von Nebula and his henchbots, several Heroes are upgraded to battle the Fire Lord and his fire villains!