01 Matthew Flash Contest M1
Matthew Flash
Biographical Information
GroupRho 14
LocationMakuhero City

Matthew Flash is the leader of the Hero Team Rho 14


Fire Sprite SuppressionEdit

Thousands of tiny fist-sized plasma beings known as Fire Sprites unexpectedly swarmed over the Android Relaxation Grounds castle, cutting hundreds of vacationing robots off from escape. The sprites gnawed on power cables, cutting the castle off from outside communication, so it was several hours before someone was able to notify Hero Factory. The team sent were trained in swiftly rounding up such pests, and they ran circles around the pesky sprites. The Heroes managed to capture the last sprite within just two hours. They even cleaned up the scorched holiday facilities.



The image used for Matthew Flash is the winner of the HFRW Contest 1: Matthew Flash by Matoro1.


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