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Biographical Information
GroupVon Nebula's Gang
ColorsYellow, Black
GadgetsRadioactive Sludge Shooter, Meteor Blaster, Whip, Claws
RivalJimi Stringer

Meltdown was one of Von Nebula's hired wanted criminals. He has recently been taken into custody.



Not much more is known about Meltdown's past prior to his employment under Von Nebula except that he destroyed a city, and sabotaged an iridium mine. Clearly Meltdown must be some sort of scientist since he somehow created mind controlling nanobots with gamma radiation to take over Stormer's body.


He may be evil and under Meltdown's control, but green is so his color!

Core Crisis, The Enemy Within, and Von NebulaEdit

Only in the comic universe does Meltdown appear in the second episode. His first appearance was in Comic 2: Core Crisis when Corroder fails to do enough damage to the Heroes, Von Nebula asks Meltdown to proceed with his plan to take down Hero Factory. Meltdown accepts and begins to brag about the Heroes downfall. Again this scene does not exist in the Hero Factory TV Show.

During HF003, while stalking the colony of Mekron City, Meltdown at some point implanted a stream of radioactive nanobots within Chief Drax, a security guard whom Stormer knows. When Stormer arrives to check on the colony (no doubt from a distress call left by Drax before becoming infected), the Alpha Leader manages to get the Chief to lose his cool enough to reveal that he is under Meltdown's control. At this moment Meltdown appears and also infects Stormer with his new weapon.

Though Meltdown's plan was thwarted in the episode "The Enemy Within," in the final episode titled "Von Nebula" he fights along side Nebula's other henchmen in a final battle with the heroes. Ironically, Meltdown is easily defeated in combat this time and was not equipped with any experimental weaponry as he was seen with in the episode before. Like all the other henchmen, he is now in prison in the Assembly Tower.

Meltdown MVN

Meltdown in Mission: Von Nebula


Gadgets and AbilitiesEdit

Meltdown is armed with a Radioactive Sludge Shooter which has a Meteor Blaster attached to it. He has a nasty claw and a whip as well. He is described as Von Nebula's most destructive servant.


Meltdown delights in using his weapons to blast toxic waste everywhere and watch his enemies wither and die.


Set InformationEdit

7148 Meltdown

Set 7148: Meltdown

  • Meltdown was released in Summer 2010.
  • Meltdown's set number is 7148.
  • Meltdown's set contains 50 pieces.

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