Metal Sphere Shooter
Metal Sphere Shooter
Tool/Weapon Information
User(s)Dunkan Bulk, Thresher
StatusStill in Use

This is the Gadget chosen by the Hero, Dunkan Bulk.


The metal sphere shooter is a brute force weapon, used by Heroes who favor brawn over finesse. (Yes, we’re talking about YOU, Dunkan Bulk and Thresher.) Its no-nonsense design is made for one thing: moving dense cobalt-nickel spheres from one place to another, very quickly. It has a rapid-load mechanism that generates spheres from compact memory wire on demand, and can fire up to 20 times a minute. Laser sights are enhanced with onboard guidance sensors to help place the spheres exactly where the Hero wants them placed.

The weapon itself is quite heavy, so only the most stalwart Heroes are comfortable using this as their primary weapon. The tiny memory wire ammunition alone weighs many kilograms. The spheres rarely explode, they are meant to punch their way through obstacles. But if a sphere is going fast enough, and hits something explosive in just the right way… watch out.


Set InformationEdit

The Metal Sphere Shooter is included in the set 7168: Dunkan Bulk.