Meteor Blaster
Meteor Blaster
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The Meteor Blaster is a weapon commonly used by villains and criminals. It was later adapted by Fire Lord into the Lava Sphere Shooter.


A favorite of villains everywhere, the Meteor Blaster is a basic weapon for the cost-conscious bad guy. Effective but lacking in style, the Meteor Blaster comes in several models, from the Dartshooter to the Phlinger to the Lobber. Many villains modify their Blasters to suit their personality.

These basic blasters may not look like much, but they get the job done. Another benefit for the average villain is its ability to use pretty much anything as a projectile; no special sphere is needed. Rocks, chunks of buildings, or even bits of themselves that have fallen off can be fired from a meteor blaster. Of course, the more successful villains use top-shelf explosive orbs or energy spheres, but that’s just being showy.


Set InformationEdit

  • The Meteor Blaster can be found in the sets: 7147 XPlode, 7148 Meltdown, 7156 Corroder, 7157 Thunder, and 7162 Rotor.
  • Each Meteor Blaster could usually be constructed of three componant pieces. Although most of these consist of five pieces, some of them vary depending on the how the weapon is mounted to the User.
  • Similar launchers were previously released with the 2009 Bionicle Glatorian sets. However they were called "Thornax Launchers."