Multifunctional Ice Weapon
Multifunctional Ice Weapon
Tool/Weapon Information
User(s)Preston Stormer
StatusOut of Action

The Multifunctional Ice Weapon is preferred and used by the Heroic Alpha Team leader, Preston Stormer. He has now adopted a new weapon upon becoming a Hero 2.0, the Multi-Tool Ice Shield


Upon Stormers promotion to Alpha Leader he recived many upgrades on his Ice Blade. He had a High Speed Rotary Blade, Grappling Spear and a Piton Blade added.


Preston Stormer’s multifunctional ice weapon is a one-of-a-kind design, created especially at his request. As leader of Alpha Team, Stormer is entitled to carry such a unique tool.

Based on years of experience, Stormer had several functions added to this tool. Primarily, it has an Ice blade that can be generated in less than a second. The incredibly strong ice composite withstands blows that would shatter ordinary metal. However, the ice only lasts a few minutes before another blade must be generated.

Other functions on the tool include a high-speed rotary blade, grappling spear, and hardened piton blade. Each tool has come in handy on more than one occasion, and has saved Stormer’s life many times over. Hero Factory weapons analysts evaluate and improve this gadget after every mission.


Set InformationEdit

The Multifunctional Ice Weapon is used in the set 7164: Preston Stormer.