Meltdown MVN

Meltdown in Mission: Von Nebula

Nano Nano is the ninth mission given to you by Zib on the game Mission: Von Nebula. The Boss of this level is Meltdown.


You will appear back at MURF where you are required to go to Raven Su and talk to her. You get given a chip, once you have go to the next area.
When there you are attacked by Meltdown's minion. You will first be attacked by three Fighter Bots. Wave Two consists of two Fighter Bots and one Shooter Bot. Wave Three is three Fighter Bots, One Red Bot and one Healer Bot. Go to the next area.
Three Fighter Bots then attack you followed by two Fighter Bots and one Shooter Bot. Three Fighter Bots and two Shooter Bots are Waver Three. Wave Four is Three Fighter Bots, one Red Bot and one Healer Bot. You then go to the next area.
You then must fight Meltdown who, once he is beaten, tells you that it is too late and that Bulk will soon be under his control.



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