Corroder MVN

Corroder in Mission: Von Nebula

Rad Reboot is the eleventh Mission given to you by Zib on the game Mission: Von Nebula. The Boss of this level is Corroder


You are greeted by a wave of three Fighter Bots. In the next wave two Fighter Bots appear with one Shooter Bot. In the last wave three Fighter Bots attack with two Shooter Bots. Now that this is done you can go to the next area.
Like before you are met by three Fighter Bots followed by two Fighter Bots and two Shooter Bots. In the third wave three Fighter Bots attack with the aid of two Shooter Bots. In the Final Wave three Fighter Bots, one Red Bot and a Healer Bot attack. Once they are all down you can go to the next area.
You will then face Corroder. This should be quite easy as long as you keep your distance. Once you win Big Joe tells you to head back to the Factory.



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