7156 Corroder
Review Information
Set Number7156
Number of Reviews1
ColorsBlack, Green
WeaponsMeteor Blaster, Razor-Sharp Claw
Number of Pieces40

Review 1Edit

Random sample from, user: Kalhiki

My first of the three villains I got was Corroder.


It wasn't that great actually. Mainly because you have to build three identical parts. Those are his weapons. He not only has his hand weapons, but he also has one on his back. Plus each of these needs stickers, which makes it not the best. He also has a very simplistic build, so I'd like something a bit harder.

PARTS Despite the building experience, you do get some good parts. There are the clawed feet, black Thornax Launcher (originally silver in Bionicle), the helmet, and claws. And, for MOCists, you have SIX(!) Y connectors. The claw piece is very cool and has some nicks and cuts in it like he was in a sword fight, or the blade itself is corroding.


Playability is good. Especially if you have a hero to fight him. Poseability is... good. He has the right angle Agori arms which means no elbows. However his big weapons makes up for that. Plus, with elbows, he'd just seem goofy and his arms would probably be too long. But other than that, he has your basic poseability.


Now that I've gone over everything he has to offer, how is the figure itself. Well, he's good. Out of the ones I have, Corroder isn't the best, but I still like him. He's very cool, his colors are good, and bad parts aside, very nice. I also like the whole bug aesthetic of this figure and the horn on his helmet is a welcome addition.

OVERALL AND VALUE For around $13... Yeah. It does seem a bit pricey, though for what you get. You may want to get a different figure that appeals to you more, but I still do recommend him.