7170 Jimi Stringer
Review:Jimi Stringer
Review Information
NameJimi Stringer
Set Number7170
Number of Reviews1
ColorsBlack, Orange
WeaponsSonic Boom Weapon
Number of Pieces17
AvailabilityAvailable August 2010

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Review 1Edit

Random sample from, user: Toa Daiker

Let me just say that Stringer is my favorite Hero. He has a pretty simple build, but the look pays up for it. He is a thick Hero. If I had to describe him in one word, it would be solid. Now onto the pros and cons:


  • Great color scheme
  • Cool mask
  • Nice thick build
  • Awesome sonic weapon
  • Cool chest design


  • Short build
  • 3 limbs

Hero Jimi Stringer is an awesome set. My advice: Buy him

Review 2Edit

By Makuta Mutran 12:17, February 13, 2011 (UTC)


  • Great armor; looks like a stereo
  • Helmet
  • Sonic Boom Weapon!
  • Great color scheme
  • Lots of new pieces
  • Fits in Hero Pod (canister)


  • One arm?! An arm would have fit under the weapon.
  • Inarticulate knees and elbow


Jimi Stringer is a great set. His armor looks like a stereo; reflecting the character. He has a musical weapon! His helmet, although, looks a little harder and colder than I would think for this Hero. 8/10