7148 Meltdown
Review Information
Set Number7148
Number of Reviews1
ColorsYellow, Black, Green
WeaponsRadioactive Sludge Shooter, Meteor Blaster, Whip, Claws
Number of Pieces50
Availability Available

Review 1Edit

This is a random sample taken from, user: BooMakuta!

People, if you're gonna get a villain, get this one first.

Meltdown has a relatively easy build, nothing hard. He sets several records (first toxic vat, first green tentacle, first yellow pincers, first head with only one eyeball, and only 2010 HERO Factory set without an Iron Man head. Lego, isn't the Iron Man thing copyrighted?) Meltdown, contrary to his evil, frightening appearance on the box, is actually kind of cute. He has skinny arms and big, chubby hands. He has no malicious-looking down slanted eyebrows. His face has "I'm a mindless mass of muscle" all over it. Now, onto the parts.

Meltdown contains several new pieces from 2010: the Cyclops head, the big armor plate/hand, the Ben 10 armored legs, the toxic vat, and the Hero Factory body. There are also pieces in cool recolors: the clear tube with green stuff inside, the yellow pincers, the black Thornax launcher, and the green tentacle. I only have three peeves about Meltdown:

1. Sometimes one pincer gets really loose and the other really tight. That bugs me (but maybe not you). 2. Peg that hold the launcher can get a little loose. 3. C'mon, Lego, Bionicle hardly ever had stickers. This is the replacement of Bionicle, and you stick a sticker sheet in our face (no pun intended)?

Okay, here's the pros and cons.


  • Cute looking
  • Lots of new or recolored pieces
  • Very posable
  • Looks cool in any pose
  • Interesting and fun to build and play with
  • Must have for Bionicle fans (such as myself)


  • Pincer problem (see above)
  • Loose launcher (no alliteration intended)
  • Stickers! There are twelve!


Overall, if you want a baddie, this is the one. He has a fun build and is quite poseable. Very entertaining to play with, and just a really good set.