7157 Thunder
Review Information
Set Number7157
Number of Reviews1
ColorsGray, Black, Silvere
WeaponsCrusher Claw, Meteor Blaster, Blade
Number of Pieces47
Availability Available

Review 1Edit

A random sample taken from, user: Kalhiki.

Out of the villains I have (Rotor, Corroder, and of course Thunder) this is probably my favorite.

BUILDING EXPERIENCE - There wasn't much new or different. The only thing that was weird was the placement of some armor. But the claw was fun to build. Really, you may not even need the instructions. There are sadly stickers. When you apply these, be sure you have them on correctly. If you have them all on correctly, the fist on the sticker should be facing toward the right if I'm not mistaken. If you didn't put them on right, you can always switch the whole piece.

PARTS - Hero Factory has many new parts in their sets, and Thunder is no different. He has the Hero Factory armor piece (the one on his chest and weapons), helmet, and claw. There are also some nice recolors such as the black Thornax launcher and the dark metallic gray Bionicle Stars feet. Yes, dark metallic gray. As opposed to the picture, it is not silver like Bulk. It isn't quite gunmetal, but a little lighter.

PLAYABILITY AND POSEABILITY - Poseability is great. Despite some odd armor placements, he is still easy to get into a number of poses. The only bad part I can see is that, due to how his head is attached, he can't look side to side. But he still has that awesome claw, which you can open and close and shove Heroes in. With good poseability, playability increases. You can have him terrorize Lego City, or wreak havoc around the house. However, if you want to get the most out of this set, I do recommend picking up a Hero to fight him.

OVERALL - This set is awesome. The colors are nice, the articulation is good, and all around he is great. For 13 dollars, I don't think you will be disappointed. Definitely pick him up when you see him.