7145 Von Nebula
Review:Von Nebula
Review Information
NameVon Nebula
Set Number7145
Number of Reviews1
ColorsBlue, Black
WeaponsBlack Hole Orb Staff
Number of Pieces156
Availability Available August 2010

Review 1Edit

Random sample taken from, user: DarkLordMakuta.

Overall a decent set, but not much here the average BIONICLE fan hasn't seen before.


  • Pistons on the front of legs, which is pretty clever.
  • Some cool new/recoloured parts, such as the spines.
  • Interesting weapon.
  • Reused rare pieces, such as the Bohrok masks and the black Hydraxon mask.


  • Floppy neck (an easy fix).
  • Short arms.
  • Small feet.