Rotor HFW Download
Biographical Information
GroupXPlode's Henchbots
ColorsOrange, Black
GadgetsLethal Gas-Spewing Device, Meteor Blaster
Location Imprisoned

Rotor was one of Xplode and Von Nebula's criminal henchbots. He has been apprehended.


Rotor in C1

Rotor in Trials of Furno

Early LifeEdit

Rotor has been hired as one of Von Nebula's Henchbots but, due to his disloyalty, Xplode tends to be on missions with Rotor to keep him in line. He is wanted for extortion, sabatage, and assault in many corners of the galaxy, even his own homeworld wants him captured for treason.

Trials of FurnoEdit

When Rotor and XPlode raid on C-4000 explosives protected by the famous Alpha Team XPlode leaves Rotor in the thick of the battle. Rotor taunts William Furno when he is holding his Hero Cuffs. Furno threw his Dual Fire Shooter into Rotors propellers who shot at Furno, unfortunately for Rotor, Furno was save by Preston Stormer. Rotor then escaped.

HF001 Rotor

"Maybe if we make the villains as dumb as possible, dumb kids won't feel bad about themselves." - Rise of the Rookies writing philosophy

He and XPlode reappeared on Lemus 2 at an Explosives Plant. They were fooled by a decoy Hero Pod when the real pods were coming from behind. The Heroes attacked ,but the villains overpowered Stormer. Furno proved to be a too fast on his Furno Bike and he managed to beat Rotor while rookie Mark Surge dealt with XPlode. Rotor was cuffed while XPlode escaped.

260px-Rotor HFW Download

Let us make the guys that cost more than everything else and are as big their boss wimpier than everyone else in the movie. Wha?

HF001 Rotor & XPlode

"Hey Xplode, you gonna betray me? Nahhhh you not gonna betray me."

Gadgets and AbilitiesEdit

Rotor is equipped with a Lethal Gas-Spewing Device and a Meteor Blaster. He has propellers on his back which he can fly with. He works for XPlode and is constantly left in the thick of the action while his boss escapes. In addition to his dangerous blade, Rotor is equipped with a biohazard gas shooter and a Meteor Blaster.


Set InformationEdit

7162 Rotor

Set 7162, Rotor

  • Rotor was released in Summer 2010.
  • Rotor's set number is 7162.
  • Rotor contains 145 pieces.

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