Sonic Boom Weapon
Sonic Boom Weapon
Tool/Weapon Information
User(s)Jimi Stringer,Thresher
StatusStill In Use

The Sonic Boom Weapon is a Hero Factory weapon, and notably used as Jimi Stringer's gadget of choice.


This unique device uses the power of compressed sound waves to overwhelm an opponent, or blow apart anything standing in a Hero’s way. The main component is a bass-boosting sonic wave emitter, which provides the basic sound. An accelerator then moves the sounds into the supersonic range. The sonic blast can be pinpoint-targeted fine enough to shatter a selected glass on a dinner table. (Not that a Hero would be so tacky as to interrupt a dinner party.)

For more power, a treblegun injects higher frequency sound waves into the sonic bass. Small adjustment knobs on the device help the Hero fine-tune its effectiveness.

As an added feature, a guitar or synthesizer can be plugged into the Sonic Boom Weapon, which then functions as a music speaker/amplifier. Great for parties!


Set InformationEdit

  • The Sonic Boom Weapon was included in the set 7170: Jimi Stringer
  • The Sonic Boom Weapon was also included in the "Bulk and Vapour" set