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Biographical Information
GroupVon Nebula's Gang
ColorsRed, Yellow, Gray, Black
GadgetsExplosive Spikes, Meteor Blaster, Blade
LocationMakuhero City, Imprisoned
RivalPreston Stormer
" I don't need your money. I work for the thrill."
— Xplode

Xplode is a Villain who has been hired by Von Nebula in the past, he has since been imprisoned.


Being HiredEdit

In the past when Von Nebula comes across hard evil deeds that he wants done he will call XPlode. Von Nebula has even hired Rotor just so XPlode can keep Rotor in line.

Explosives PlantEdit

XPlode using his Explosive Spikes

XPlode using his explosive spikes!

When Xplode was on a raid with Rotor to get some C-4000 explosives they were stopped by Heroes Preston Stormer, Dunkan Bulk, Jimi Stringer and William Furno. Xplode abandoned his colleague just for his ensured escape but due to a mistake by Furno, the rookie, Rotor got away. Xplode and Rotor met up and decided to take out a Explosives Plant that was damage the city heavily. After they were distracted by an empty Hero Pod they were attacked by Preston Stormer, William Furno, Mark Surge and Natalie Breez. Xplode quickly took Stormer down and was about to explode the Explosives Plant when Mark Surge stopped him in his tracks. Furno took out Rotor but Xplode escaped. Rotor was cuffed and taken away but the more dangerous criminal got away.

Following Von NebulaEdit

The Villains joined forces in New Stellac City when Nebula was making a Black Hole above it. The Heroes fought the Villains and waited for them to run out ammo by using their Particle Distorters. The plan worked but they had to dodge XPlodes Explosive Spikes. The Heroes then wrapped them in some metal and once Furno and Stormer had defeated Neubla, the Heroes took all of the Villains to Prison.


Gadgets and AbilitiesEdit

HF001 XPlode escapes

Pollution, the ultimate sign of evil!

XPlode's body is covered with Explosive Spikes which he can fire at anything that moves, he has a Meteor Blaster in one hand and a lethal blade in the other. The criminal is often seen riding a hover car of some sort that gives out black smoke as he drives; Corroder also drives a similar vehicle.

HF001 XPlode

Oh please don't hurt me mr. Hero sir!


Xplode doesn't care if the person he works with gets caught just as long as he gets away. He has a razor sharp wit and is always questioning authority. He is also aggressive and one of the most feared subordinates of Von Nebula. He is also known as a very successful villian, and almost every inhabited planet 1000 light years around the Hero Factory has a reward for his arrest.


Set InformationEdit

7147 XPlode

Set 7147, XPlode

  • XPlode was released in Summer 2010.
  • XPlode's set number is 7147.
  • XPlode contains 45 pieces.


  • You could Win Preston Stormer and XPlode here. The competition ended in September 2010 (NZ only).

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