Mission: Yequee Particle Removal

Team: Mu 19 Location: Yequee Gas Clouds

Team Members: Team Leader Emma Sage
Rookies Nate Slick, Geneva Mills and Neko Scott

Objective: Neutralize Yeq particles that damage pods and block galactic communications

Mission ReportEdit

Routine but essential training mission. Yeq particles of the Yequee gas clouds, which span 14 million miles of galactic space, present a serious hazard to both travellers through the area and communications. The Yeq particles stick to the sides of pods and have an accelerated rust effect, eating away at all manner of precious metals, plastics and fibres in a manner of minutes. Web-like strands can also form between particles which trap or bounce communication beams, and block emergency calls to the Hero Factory. They also hamper communications between Hero Factory and teams on mission.